Halloween Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration: The Halloween Edition

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween weekend. Are you dressing up in costume? Heading out or staying in? So far I plan to staying inside, and cozy up to a horror movie marathon over a big bowl of chili and cornbread.  If by chance I decide to head out at the last minute, I’m prepared to head […]

when to not diy

When to DIY vs. When to Not DIY

When to DIY, and when to not DIY. That’s the question. I love the idea of making things from scratch. But there are times when it’s simply impractical to do the DIY beauty thing. I have an ever-growing Pinterest board of DIY beauty ideas that I’ve barely scratched the surface on. Between work, family, and […]

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Southern California Fall Wedding Style Inspiration

 How many weddings have you attended this year? Somehow I’ve managed to go all of 2015 without attending a single wedding, until next week when a near-relative of mine will join his partner in holy matrimony. It will be an intimate, casual event attended by close friends and family – negating the need to dress formally. In […]

Now blogging on Yo-Toi.com

After years of starting, abandoning, and deleting blogs on various domains, yesterday I decided to convert my personal website into a blog. Being a place of inactivity, my website was the perfect blank slate to launch a personal lifestyle platform that will grow with me on the journey of living a creatively fulfilled life. I have a living […]