walking workout routine

My Current Walking Workout Routine

Before committing to a walking workout routine in July, I hadn’t worked out for 10 months. I believe in having a solid fitness routine, but I had simply lost interest in exercise. I’ve had gym memberships and class packages in the past…I even tried Capoeira once to spice things up. For some reason though, I […]

Pan Seared Cod Recipe

Pan Seared Cod Recipe

Pan seared cod is a staple in my kitchen – Honey Bear and I literally eat it every day, as we’ve recently adopted a pescatarian diet. At first I didn’t think I could give up meat, but the pan seared cod is so delicious and versatile that I’m fine with not eating meat. I usually pair the cod with a sautéed […]


July Moments

July was a hot and sticky month. Thank God for ice cream, mango lemonade iced tea, and A/C in my apartment — I couldn’t fathom summer without these things. As July comes to a close and we head into August, I want to reflect on some of my favorite moments of July 2016. Gelato from Pazzo Gelato   Backyard […]

DIY candle jar cosmetics bathroom storage

DIY Candle Jar Vanity Storage

I burn through a lot of candles. Scented candles are my guilty pleasure; I buy them at the beginning of every month to treat myself after paying rent #adulting. At any given time there are two or three empty candle jars hanging around my apartment waiting to be repurposed into something else, like the DIY candle […]