5 Home & Organization DIY Projects To Try This Weekend

If you fancy doing something *else* with your hands this weekend between chores, running errands and Netflixing and chilling, why not tackle a DIY project that will organize and beautify your living space? Check out this short list of easy kitchen, home and organizational DIY projects to try this weekend! Marble mugs  Making marble mugs is a […]

walking workout routine

My Current Walking Workout Routine

Before committing to a walking workout routine in July, I hadn’t worked out for 10 months. I believe in having a solid fitness routine, but I had simply lost interest in exercise. I’ve had gym memberships and class packages in the past…I even tried Capoeira once to spice things up. For some reason though, I […]

Pan Seared Cod Recipe

Pan Seared Cod Recipe

Pan seared cod is a staple in my kitchen – Honey Bear and I literally eat it every day, as we’ve recently adopted a pescatarian diet. At first I didn’t think I could give up meat, but the pan seared cod is so delicious and versatile that I’m fine with not eating meat. I usually pair the cod with a sautéed […]