happy halloween

Happy Halloween. Now go eat some candy.

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Whether you’re going out or staying in, I wish you a safe, cozy, happy Halloween. My big plans are to eat a hearty, healthy dinner, get some writing done, and binge-watch American Horror Story after work while eating candy. Halloween candy isn’t just for kids! Speaking of kids, apparently, the DIY gene […]

aztec indian healing clay

Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a mainstay in my beauty arsenal. Made of 100% natural bentonite clay, this stuff is unmatched in drying up pimples, tightening pores, and removing impurities from the skin. I’ve been using it since February 2015 as a base for homemade facial masks; I even once got so excited about […]

how to stay motivated

How I Stay Motivated When I Just Can’t

I’m a mindfulness junkie. I meditate, do yoga, and read blogs like Zen Habits and Marc & Angel’s Hack Life. Despite my self-awareness, I sometimes struggle with staying motivated when I’m working toward a goal. I’m currently in a space where it’s difficult for me to see the forest from the trees – I’m working […]

fall date night outfit inspiration

2016 Fall Date Night Outfit Inspiration

Do you dress up for date night? This is a sexy-casual fall date night outfit inspiration board leans pairing jeans, a tank, and sexy shoes with a fun floral jacket. I believe in almost always wearing black on date night – it’s my favorite neutral and strangely, my happy color. Topped with of classic gold hoops, shimmery […]

Homemade Yellow Rice Recipe

Homemade Yellow Rice Recipe

In an effort to reduce the consumption of processed food, I’ve been researching homemade alternatives to foods I used to buy pre-packaged, especially things like boxed rice and canned beans. Yellow rice is one of my favorite meal sides, and until recently I alternated between buying the Zatarain’s and Mahatma brands. One day I decided […]