lip scrub diy

DIY Brown Sugar & Olive Oil Lip Scrub

Yesterday I decided to make my first homemade lip scrub with brown sugar and olive oil. My lips have been more chapped than normal recently; it’s the end of summer and LA’s semi-arid desert climate has been harsh on my skin. I regularly exfoliate my face and body with coffee grounds and baking soda scrubs, but I’ve never made a home treatment specifically for exfoliating my lips. I usually exfoliate them in the shower with a washcloth, but I wanted beef up my process to utilize ingredients that would buff, polish and add a bit of nourishment.

Brown Sugar & Olive Oil Lip Scrub DIY:

lip scrub diy


½  tsp Brown Sugar

¼ tsp Olive Oil (any brand will do, I used Crafter’s Choice for this project bc I’m seriously into DIYs)

A small container for storage (I used an empty contact lens case)



lip scrub diy

Mix 1/2 tsp brown sugar with 1/4 tsp olive oil.

lip scrub diy

lip scrub diy

Apply brown sugar mixture to lips with fingers and rub into lips in a circular motion for up to 60 seconds. Your lips may turn red from the stimulation. Note: please be sure to spot test the scrub before application. If you experience a reaction, rinse thoroughly and discontinue application. Wipe brown sugar mixture off clean with a warm washcloth or plain water. Pat dry and apply lip balm to seal in moisture.

The result: extremely soft and smooth lips. I’m wearing Mac lipstick in Chili.

lip scrub diy

Have you ever tried making your own lip scrub? Would you try this one? What was your experience like?

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