summer nail design ideas

8 Actually Wearable Summer Nail Design Ideas

A few weeks ago, after a 90-minute show hole of YouTube of nail art videos, I randomly bought a nail stamp kit on Amazon. I haven’t tried it yet, but lately, I’ve been inspired to try something different with my manicure. After rocking monochromatic nails for more than a year, I’m kind of over it. […]

summer natural hair regimen

A Summer Natural Hair Regimen for Lazy People

When the season changes, so should our natural hair care routine. It makes no sense to be using blow dryers and flat irons this time of year – why apply heat when my hair will be exposed to the sun throughout the day? During my commute. On my lunch hour. At the farmer’s market on […]

how to cook black beans

How to Cook Black Beans on the Stove (Vegetarian)

I cook black beans almost every week, for my weekly meal prep. They are one of my favorite superfoods –  full of protein and antioxidants, and it’s super convenient to eat them in a variety of ways, from salads to soups to bowls. Although I am a meat eater, sometimes I make vegetarian meals, and […]