oversharing on social media

The Private Life: Oversharing [Podcast]

I haven’t published a podcast in a while, but sometimes I crash the Kevin Hates Hip Hop podcast to give a woman’s perspective on the culture. A few days ago I joined Kevin to discuss the perils of oversharing on social media. Listen to the discussion: In related news, we also recently joined forces to discuss cultural appropriation. […]

french apple pie

French Apple Pie Recipe

Honey Bear’s birthday happens to fall on the same day autumnal equinox and true to the fruit of the season, he asked me to bake him his favorite French apple pie in lieu of a traditional birthday cake. The streusel topping makes this pie seem so fancy and sophisticated, when in reality it’s extremely easy to make, especially when using a […]

ways to get ready for fall

8 Ways to Get Ready for Fall

Leaves have begun turning, NFL football started last Sunday, and it’s been getting dark earlier. Pumpkin spice everything is back on the shelves. (fancy a few pumpkin spice Oreo cookies with that pumpkin spice latte?) Although the signs were there, it didn’t really hit me that I need to start getting ready for fall until today, […]

Athleisure Style Uniform

Athleisure Style Uniform

I consider my personal style to be pretty versatile. When I’m dressing for business, my persona reads sleek, classic minimalist. If I’m going on a date or out with friends my style ranges from casual to street to romantic, depending on how I’m feeling and what we’re doing. It’s also pretty normal for me to […]